Man, how did it become Sunday evening so fast? One moment I was eating a little pecan pie, the next it’s dark outside, I’ve written my daily allotment for First Million Words and there’s still more work to do. Things progress apace, the plot quickens, my characters grow more concerned by the hour, drama and excitement is rife, the promised space dinosaur failed to materialize (but since it’s my novel, and nobody is reading it, I may just add a space dinosaur for the fun of it), and on and on it goes. Is anybody reading all this stuff that I’m posting online? God knows. I know people are watching my video blog entries, probably because that takes about a minute of time commitment each day, but actually reading all 2,700 words? I doubt it. If you are, then you are a prince, a princess, a queen and king and perhaps, yes, even a space dinosaur in your own right. If not, don’t feel bad, just know that you are missing out on the very stuff of creation, white hot and burning on your webpage right before you.

I need a really good night’s sleep, so I’m off to go eat some more pecan pie in anticipation of that. Ciao!