Excerpt from Chapter 1 of One By One:

“Peter stared after the man, his heart pounding in similar cadence to the stranger’s racing steps, and when he sat down he ceased all attempts at reasoned discourse with himself. He allowed his arguments to fall from his mind, he who had always prided himself on his ability with language, his ability to capture any thought or sensation in a string of words, and allowed his pain to become actual fear. For the first time, listening to the man’s crazed calls ringing off the buildings, he began to suspect that something far more encompassing and terrible was developing, and he listened intently, willing the man to find his son, for his cries of pain to turn to cries of joy and dispel this impossible suspicion, but the change never came, the man’s yells fading away into the distance, desperate to the last, so that even though silence returned it was tainted as if by a miasma of the man’s despair. Shivering, pulling his mind back from the conclusion it was on the verge of adopting, not wanting to follow such thoughts further, Peter arose and decided to return home, to see if his mother had appeared, knowing she had not, but choosing willfully, almost blindly, to attempt to believe one last time that the world was not changing in an irrevocable, unfathomable, and terrifying manner.”