And I have just walked in the door, dumped my bags on the floor, spent five minutes in the kitchen scarfing down a small plate of food and am now ready to crash. Is it strange that I feel obliged to check in here before doing so? I don’t think so–it’s starting to feel natural. And! Sixty hits yesterday! Clearly my ramblings are of some interest to some people, so if there’s any need for justification, I’ll take that as such.

New York was grand. If any of my friends whom I visited are reading this, thank you for such a great time! It was exhausting work, but having a seriously enjoyable weekend often is. The amount of fun I had was inversely proportional to the amount of sleep I had, and given that I managed to sneak in about five hours a night, you do the math. Yes, I know that’s technically not math, but for an English Major, it’s a fair approximation.

So thank you you gorgeous New Yorkers for the dancing, the drinking, the movies and food, the good conversations and late night bars, the cab drives home at five in the morning and the coffee shops. Thanks for the music and the roleplaying, the jokes and hugs, and for making me feel like I haven’t left New York so far behind after all.

Tomorrow we resume our regular programming! So tune in folks for some book reviews, some anecdotes from the Big Apple, and… more. I think my brain just crapped out on me. And so — ! Good night.