Phil TuckerI’m not quite sure how one goes about opening a virtual bottle of champagne and throwing electronic confetti, but imagine if you will the sound of cheers and laughter as balloons are let free and in my novels every character pauses to hug and celebrate, setting aside animosity and rivalry if only for the moment. is my new home, and I hope you like the upgrade. You can see – right up there – and oh, on the sidebar – a whole bunch of new features that I hope you will avail yourself of. Not only can you now sign up for my Newsletter, but there’s a handy Contact Me button floating off there on the left somewhere, and you can even share my new posts with greater facility below.

I’ve collected all the information on my books under My Novels, and listed the various places you can purchase them. As I continue to learn InDesign that list will grow, but for now you can get you Nook, Kindle, or paperback copy without a problem.

I’m also going to be updating the Book News section frequently, especially since I’m hoping to launch Book 2 in The Human Revolt series soon. Keep your eyes peeled, and again, feel free to sign up for the newsletter if you don’t want to miss the announcement.

So please, make yourselves at home, explore, browse, and drop me some feedback. I’m going to continue adding content and refining the site further, so come back often!