Man, First Million Words is down but it’s not out for the count. Today it struggled back up as I hammered out another 2,700 words. The current Work In Progress is at 12,000 words. Hip hip!

So what’s MFtF about? Well, the hero is a girl called Susan who for as long as she can remember has had an imaginary friend called Peter. Except with the manifestation of Sam Patrick, a man from the year 2133 who appears to inform the world that all children from ages 10-14 are to be abducted and brought to the future to repopulate the world, Susan realizes that Peter has been a time traveler all along, a mysterious man with whom she has had some sort of friendship in his past and her future.

Also, it must be said, there is a little brother of a friend called Ralphie. Thus far Ralphie has demonstrated a proclivity for killing bears with his teeth, for wearing the same red hoodie at all times, and for being a nigh unstoppable force that in this writing session forced his way into the same group of children that has been taken into the future despite not being in the right age group.

I think Ralphie is going to cause trouble. After all, he likes blod.*

Here’s an excerpt!

“They’re not going to make us go,” said Amanda, eyes bright.
More yelling, and then a gun shot. The kids around Susan began to stir, hopeful. “Dad!” yelled one.
“What’s going on?” asked Susan nervously. She checked her watch. There were thirty seconds left. The kids were all gathered by the church’s front door even though it was locked. More yells, screams now, another gun shot.
Fifteen seconds. The front door began to shake violently. Rattling in its frame.
Ten seconds. The door stopped. More gunshots, yells, a scream of pain. “Help!” The kids began to scream, “Help us, help!”
Five seconds. The window to their left smashed, exploded inwards as somebody threw themselves through it. A small person, another child, bright red and blue, rolling on the ground. Susan gaped. A feral face, massive bushy eyebrows, teeth too huge and powerful, little devil eyes. Red hoodie, blue jeans. It was only then that she recognized Ralphie, and then that she realized that there was no time left, no seconds at all, and everything went sideways and disappeared.

*Blod is what the cool murder kids called ‘blood’.