Hey guys.

I’m trying to get a handle on how best to connect to my readers, both existent and potential. I’ve done a pretty lackluster job thus far, and to remedy that I’ve re-examined my approach. I’ve decided to redesign my main site, transientme.com, and see if I can’t make that the nexus of my outreach. Toward that end I’ve begun a complete redesign of the site, such that the top level page is now up. If you click over, you’ll see what I’ve done, but not much more; I’m going to roll out a sub-site for each novel over the next month, which will take you from the neutral top level to a page that will reflect the novel’s content and style.

The challenge is that each novel is quite different from the others. How best then to indicate to readers what they may be purchasing? The Grind Show is my Kill Bill, while Crude Sunlight is my The Ring. CoffinCam is something you’d only find as an illegal download off some questionable international site, while the forthcoming Throne is a modern fairy tale set in NYC. How best then to guide potential readers from one to the next without confusing or misleading them?

I’ve decided to go with sub-sites. Each book will thus have its own layout, design, and aesthetic that will accurately reflect what kind of tale it is. I’m planning to provide excerpts, an essay on the origins of the idea and why I wrote the novel, reviews and whatever else comes to mind.

From there, once my webpage is solid, I’ll link to this blog, which I’m going to keep as the hub of my daily musings (as opposed to duplicating it on my main site as I had done till now), as well as providing links to my Facebook page and Twitter page.

So yeah, please head over and take a look–I’d appreciate the feedback. At the moment the only page up is purposefully stark and neutral so as to best offset the forthcoming richness and unique style of each individual sub-site.

What do you guys think? Sound approach?