How far ahead do you guys manage to successfully plan for? Are you deep into grad school, four years still ahead till you get your PhD and then on track to get a professor job? Or are you currently unemployed, looking for the first job that comes your way, unsure as to where you’ll be in a year’s time?

Sometimes I look back over my twenties (mostly behind me now) and consider the plans I made at each juncture, at the life I thought I would lead, and then examine what actually happened. When I graduated from college I thought I was going to go spend a couple of months on a beach in Puerto Rico with some Corona’s and a typewriter, and make things up from there. Didn’t happen. Ended up going home to Miami to work in real estate. Or how when I flew to Australia I thought I would stay there for a year or perhaps more, exploring the vast continent, traveling across the Outback, seeing distant Perth, swimming out over the Barrier Reef. Didn’t happen; I ended up spending an inordinate amount of time drinking in bars in Sydney with my Irish and Australian friends.

But I’ve never planned further than a year or two. No career has felt permanent, no city felt like the one I’ve wanted to put serious roots down in. But what of you, dear and gentle readers? How invested are you in your current path? Where do you see yourself in five years, ten?