So I have a novel called The Grind Show that is set to hit the white-hot Amazon self-publishing presses for the Kindle platform. Actually, there aren’t any presses there, presses being anachronistic in a world of super sleek digital publishing, but regardless, The Grind Show is virtually and veritably and verifiably ready to go-go.
This is how I envision it go-going: I click on the huge PRINT NOW button on the Amazon self-publishing page, and voila, The Grind Show appears for mass public consumption on their webpage. I sit back, grinning like a fool, and wait, watching my sales figures. Someone buys. Ah! That must have been my brother. Another six copies go all at once. My best friends! A five minute break, I begin to grow anxious, and then: boom! Another three copies. My aunt and uncle, a distant cousin. 
And so it goes for another hour, till I’ve sold a grand total of 27 copies, and then, nothing. Silence. A vast and echoing emptiness as the book refuses to budge from rank #352,934 on the Amazon sales list. 
Me? Shocked and devastated. Or, as you can perhaps glean, not so shocked, or even that surprised.
Because it is incumbent upon me as a self-publishing author to create a marketing scheme of fiendish brilliance and Machiavellian subtlety. For me to spread the word far and wide across the bloggerscape, to trumpet to the heavens and sound the depths of hell and let each and ever angel and devil know that my book is about to hit the scene. And upon doing so: voila! Interminable sales of catastrophic proportions!
So. I need to come up with a marketing plan. And have begun to do so! All sorts of nasty little tricks and stratagems are percolating through my feverish mind, and one of them, the best plan, the most exciting one, is a BOOK TRAILER!
Fortunately I have a friend in NYC is a top-flight director, who works for Google and makes music videos for rock bands and even award winning short films. Here are a few samples of his work embedded below–the first video is his ten minute short Binding Silence that was the Official Selection of (cue drum roll):
  • H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival 2006
  • New York Horror Film Festival 2006
  • Parsons School of Design Film and Animation Festival 2006
  • The New York Short Film Festival for the Strange and Unusual 2006
  • The Las Vegas Festival of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and the Supernatural 2006
  • Winner of the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival “Brown Jenkins Award.”

Binding Silence from Ray Zablocki on Vimeo.

Transport Phenomena from Ray Zablocki on Vimeo.

Ray Zablocki Editorial Reel 2010 from Ray Zablocki on Vimeo.

So. Ray Zablocki has agreed to direct and shoot a book trailer for The Grind Show, and he liked the novel so much (and my inimitable sense of style) that he’s agreed to do so gratis, without expecting monetary remuneration.  Hip hip! But. Making a pro-grade book trailer still costs moolah, so I’ve decided to start a Kickstarter project to raise funds. Funds for location rental, for prop acquisition, for hiring light and sound guys, for making sure we have excellent recording equipment, to pay the actors a small amount for their work, etc.

What does this mean? This means I am creating an incredibly blow your face-off-the-front-of-your-skull Kickstarter project. Kickstarter is a crowd-sourcing means of raising funds for creative projects, in which people pledge to donate cash and only get charged if the funding goal is reached. I’m going to be going live with my KS page soon, and then hopefully I will generate such wonderful monies that Ray will be able to afford gold plated peacocks as extras and shoot scenes from the Marianna Trench with the Weta Workshop from New Zealand creating the props.

I’ve put together a list of rewards for people who contribute funds, ranging from the $5 to the $500 (hey, a guy can dream), but I was wondering: what do you guys think would be good rewards? Interesting, fun things that I can offer to incentivate people to participate, and have a little fun while doing so? Feedback is most earnestly wanted, because thus far this is what I have:

  • $5 pdf or kindle copy of the novel
  • $10 Printed copy of novel
  • $20 All of the above plus your name in the credits of the Movie Trailer 
  • $50 All of the above plus your name in a Grind Show related short story
  • $100 All of the above plus your name in the credits of The Grind Show
  • $250 All of the above plus your name in the Grind Show sequel
  • $500 All of the above plus a personal Grind Show related short story with you as a central character

Please suggest new ideas, as I truly want to make this as interesting and rewarding as possible. All feedback is appreciated!