Inorganic Brownie Mix – Chocolate (not USDA certified)

Dr. Onkotter Inorganic baking mixes deliver pure, altered flavor in ever bite. Our inorganic ingredients are made with man-made pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and GMOs (genetically modified organisms), and are chemically processed. Dr. Onkotter Inorganics, your helping hand in delicious inorganic baking.


You Will Need:

1/4 Cup of melted butter
2 eggs
8 inch square pan

Baking Directions

Preheat oven to 575 F for a shiny metal pan; 525 F for a dark, non-stick pan.

Grease bottom of pan

Blend brownie mix, melted butter and eggs in a high powered food processor (about 45 min). Use rolling pin to spread into pan.

Bake 135 minutes.

Cool for two days. Cut into squares, and enjoy!