First, you need to open up a writing program like Word. If you’re hardcore, Notepad will do, but be aware that it doesn’t have an auto-save feature. People trying to be cool can go with Google Docs, but the layout is still kind of lame.

That first step done, you need to center your text, bold it, and write a title. The title doesn’t matter, since it is easy to change down the road, but try for something slightly distinctive so that you feel encouraged to keep going and write the rest. For example, off the top of my head:

  • Combating Tuesdays
  • Empty Box Heroes
  • What is That Inside My Cat
  • Penelope Zane & The Mad Weather Vane
  • Under the Light House
You get the idea. Then hit Enter a couple of times, left align your text and type out ‘Chapter 1’. Hit Enter twice more, and BAM, you are good to go. You have now officially begun your novel. All you now need to do is come up with characters, a setting, a plot, and write about 90,000 words and you are pretty much done.