Just sent an email blast to all my friends and family. Ah, people! You have no idea how nervous I was to send that blast out, how carefully I worked on the text, how much I agonized over the consequences of telling every single person I know about The Grind Show. But I did it, emailed out, and the outpouring of support that has immediately come rushing back into my inbox has been exhilarating beyond my dreams!

Friends from New York, from Boston, from Denver and West Palm. People I haven’t spoken to in years, old college buddies, friends I connected with but briefly while living abroad. Writing friends, everybody and anybody, all of them writing in with their support and encouragement.

One week now till the book goes on sale. 6/5 is the magic date, and then I hope people will click over to Amazon to purchase a copy and help my title skyrocket into the firmament that is the best seller list. Who knows? Anything is possible!

All I know at the moment is that my stomach is tied up in knots, I want to jump up and dance around, and that I’ve finally and truly and irrevocably put myself out there.

Here. We. Go!

PS: Read the first three chapters at http://www.transientme.com !