17 hours till it begins. Come 8pm EST, theoretically friends, family, and those friends and family have convinced to participate will log into Amazon or B&N and buy a copy of The Grind Show. I’ll be sitting at my computer, and come that fated hour I’ll probably start refreshing my Amazon Sales page every few minutes, though I know results take an hour or so to show. Still.

What a strange week it’s been. My emails out have resulted in a deluge of wonderful emails back in, with old friends reaching out to encourage me, to offer support and promise to partake come 8pm. I’ve heard from a friend I made for a day in Florence, from friends I made for a summer in Sydney, from high school friends, from middle school friends, from family in England, from family in New York, from best friends from college to people I met but a few times so many years ago. All of a sudden my network of friends is so palpably real, and the fact that all of these people might be reading my book in a day is both exhilarating and nerve wrecking.

Ah! I feel like I’ve climbed to the top of a high diving board, and now stand, toes curled over the far edge, looking down the dizzying drop to the hard water below. Any moment now I’m going to leap, I’m going to throw myself forward into that stomach curdling drop, and then it’s that long slow swan dive fall that is over before it begins and SMASH you’re in it, the book is being sold, reviews are coming in, people are telling me what they think and I’m in the thick of it.

What a wonderful time to be alive. What a thrilling experience to be in the thick of! I’m publishing my novel. I’m already thinking about the second one, piecing together the plot. Driving today to the supermarket, listening to Led Zeppelin, the first line of the second book came to me, as definite as if incised in a headstone: ‘We’d been hunting holy men for six months now.’ That might be but the first part of a longer sentence, I don’t know, but images have been coming to me, flashes of scenes, ideas, twists in the plots, the sense and weft of a novel. It’s coalescing in my mind, and soon I’ll start writing it, the second in the series.

First though, there’s tomorrow night. I hope you’ll join me in giving The Grind Show a royal launch, and that if you’ve a mind, come 8pm EST this Sunday you’ll log into Amazon and buy it for $2.99.

I’m almost too excited to sleep. Going to put some thoughts on book 2 down on paper, and force myself to turn in. The sooner I do, the sooner 8pm will be upon me. Salut!