It’s late afternoon. I’ve been away all weekend, but am returned today, and find that my word bank debt has continued to grow without me. I’ve got a book to finish editing (grind show), a book to finish writing (blood from the mountain), and a book to begin writing (march novel, which is rapidly becoming the march/april bridge novel).

Somewhere, somehow, I have to also fit in work, sleep, eating and gambling in the wade.

One constructive step forward however was my buying an ergonomic keyboard. It’s black and glints dangerously and has a lush leather wrist rest and is curved like an incipient tsunami, a few miles out yet from shore. Let’s see if it gives my writing appendages a break.

I’ve been receiving wonderful feedback on The Grind Show. A nephew of mine in the UK couldn’t put it down, and at the end of the evening as his family stood by the front door, ready to go, he kept asking to be allowed to read one more page, and when that wasn’t allowed, at least to finish the sentence. Which apparently wrapped around to the next page, and then half way down it before his dad stepped in to take my Kindle away.

A best friend of mine up in New York is seriously interested in recording the audio book version for me. He’s an incredibly talented voice actor that has been featured on numerous high level commercials (got flown out to Italy for a Bacardi commercial once), short movie features (he starred in a film that won the HP Lovecraft festival award), and too many voice overs to count, and who is infamously the voice of the Kermit the Doll that was banned from European markets and of which now hundreds of thousands now languish in warehouses across Eastern Europe. So, to say that I am excited by the prospect of his recording the novel on studio quality equipment is an understatement.

I’m reaching out to another friend who creates commercials for Google, high fashion moguls and strange and benighted entities to see if he’s interested in creating a book preview.

Another best friend of mine just wrote in cursing me for ruining her productivity levels for having handed her a copy of the book. Which is always a good thing, even if they don’t think so.

This is the novel whose cover I featured a few blog posts ago, and which was almost a smash hit with my dream agents. A number of them requested the full manuscript, including my dream agent Merilee Heifetz (Neil Gaiman’s agent), but which was ultimately declined for one reason or another.

I’m going to self publish it, and with luck, people will like it. I will then write the sequel for my March/April novel.

Things, things are in the works. Wheels they are a turning.

But more words need to be written, so here I go.