There’s a rumor going round that THE GRIND SHOW is finally available in print. And you know what? That rumor is true. You can now purchase a copy via CreateSpace, and in a few days it will also be available on Amazon and a whole bunch of other outlets.

If you guys recall I received my proof copy back in December, and then got slammed with work and other projects and never got around to fixing it. Well, yesterday I did, and voila, the finished product is now available for purchase, all 264 pages of it.

Here’s the blurb:

For those who can see demons there is but one maxim: hunt them down until your luck runs out, and then hope for an easy death.

Or so Jason thought until one hellish night in a desert ghost town leaves his life in ruins and his soul tainted with demonic power.

Now the tables are turned and he’s the prey, forced to fight a running battle to keep himself and his friends alive. But at what price is he willing to buy his freedom? The demons care nothing for collateral damage, and as the death toll mounts the darkness within him grows stronger, making it ever harder for Jason to resist the allure of his newfound powers…

It’s received a staggering 4.9 overall rating on Amazon out of some 26 reviews, and is my only novel to never have been sent back by a customer seeking a refund. I don’t know what it is about the combination of demons, desert, shotguns and car chases, but it really seems to work for people.

So. If you’re without an eReader, or would simply like a copy in trade paperback, check out the CreateSpace store here.