Mr. Guyet and I have been working on the audio book of The Grind Show, and man, let me tell you what a surreal and brilliant experience it’s been. He’s sent me the entire fire chapter, and sitting in the hospital lobby, I had to do my best to refrain from grinning like a fool as people walked by speaking in grave and hushed voices. How to describe the experience of hearing your characters and story come to life in such manner? Deliriously exciting, is what.

Since then we’ve been going back and forth on what each character should sound like. Mr. Guyet sent me a file with snippets of each character’s dialog, and we’re now going to have a follow-up meeting which should consist of such exchanges as, “I think Josh’s voice, well, I’m going to be changing his age to mid-forties, so can we make it more gravely? No, not that gravely, that’s too Rooster Cockburn from True Grit. Less like that, more just – weary? Yes. Perfect. Ok – now with Mr. Kline…” You get the idea.

This stuff is like catnip for us authors. Utterly fun.

So here’s a quick snippet of Chapter 1, edited by Paul for public consumption. It’s only about a minute and a half long, but that should give you a taste of what we’re cooking together. Hope you enjoy!

(Disclaimer: this audio was a quick and dirty rough draft that Paul put together for me, and is not meant to reflect the awesomeness of the final product’s quality level. Just a quick preview for you guys, not a real excerpt from a finished product.)