Man, this rabbit hole just keeps getting deeper and twistier the more I push on. Who would have thought when I started that I would have a professionally created audiobook of THE GRIND SHOW to offer up? Not I, dear friends, not I. When I listen to Paul M. Guyet reading out my words, however, in that rich and mellifluous voice of his, I get the urge to dance and grin and offer my headphones to strangers in the street.
NOT how a professional author behaves, I’ve been told.
But there it is, 8 hours of GRIND SHOW goodness available on If you’ve ever wanted to hear my characters brought to life with consummate skill and artistry, then check out the sample on Audible
I’m going to paste a little teaser trailer that the inestimable Mr. Guyet created to help promote the audiobook below…