Man, are you guys having a good day? It’s sure shaping up like one here in Miami. Gray skies, sure, drizzling rain and a couple of hours spent at Costco, but all for a good cause. And with good company. Which makes even the most mundane of endeavours a delight. We bought vodka and tequila, skirt steak and a drunken baker’s dozen of sausages. We bought beer and chocolate, and then more. When we got back to our friend’s place we strung up a huge tarp, melted the chocolate, put the booze on ice. We’ve rented a climbing wall, showing up around 9.30 and sure to be assaulted by inebriated hordes. We’ve got playlists charged, the dogs locked upstairs, a guestlist as long as my arm (and written in size 10 font), and everybody is psyched.

So yes. Looking like it’s going to be a good Saturday. What about you guys? What you got planned? Something outrageous?

Post Script: Went for a run to shake off the encroaching lethargy. Put on good music, an old shirt, new running shoes, took off to run alongside the bay. Place was deserted, strong winds gusting in off the ocean, whipping the waves and staggering me as I charged forward, head lowered like a bull. Invigorating! Spray hitting my face, rain slashing down, music pumping pumping pumping. I rounded a corner that jutted out into the bay, and saw a great log surface, bob, and then go down. Slowed. Stopped. What the..? I pulled my earphones off, stood there, wind tearing at me, eyes squinting against the spray, and then the log surfaced ten yards further away. A manatee! It snorfled, lolled about and then sank once more. Excellent! I put the earphones back on, music flooding through my head, and took off. Man I love running in Miami.