Sometimes I amaze myself. Take unexpected moves that none could have foreseen. Upon awaking from my brief nap, I stretched, yawned, and then stared out the window for awhile pondering the strange sense of mild disatisfaction that bothered me. Finally I figured out that it was hunger, but not the ravenous kill a boar and grill it all and then devour it fur bones and tail kind, but rather a peckish desire for a little nosh, a smidgeon of something or other to tide me over till dinner. So I stood, stretched, and ambled over to the kitchen.

What to eat? What to nibble upon? Usually I would turn towards the Kettle chips, the cookies, or one of the many cakes that fill the fridge, left overs from the bevy of birthdays that plague my family this time of year. A quivering slice of overtall chocolate mousse, perhaps, or a scoop of vanilla icecream over which I might pour an espresso. But no! Seized by some fey, wild spirit, I instead turned to the fruit bowl, and marveling at my own hands, did pluck out a banana, an apple, and an orange!

How strange! I turned them over in my hand. They were edible, I knew; from them came the mixers with which I often diluted my booze, or the flavorings for cakes and chocolate fillings. I sat them down on the counter, and pondered them. Then, not knowing what was possessing me, I took a cutting board, a rather large knife, and attacked! In fact, I did take rather more enjoyment from slicing and dicing of said fruit than I should of, but man was it fun. Whack! Slice! Hiss chop chop whack! Soon I had a broken pile of cubes, triangles and short cylinders at hand, a mountain of peelings on the other. Into a bowl I shovelled the whole lot, over which I then poured a judicious measure of orange juice, and then I ate the lot of it raw, right there, sans suger, nutella, chocolate sprinkles, whipped cream, honey, or anything. Just ate it all right up.

And now I am pleasantly full. No undignified burps as a result of poorly chosen snacks, no bloating, no light headedness, no sugar rush, nothing but a light sense of satiation and amazement. Who would of thunk it? Fruit. They’re more than just primary colored objects!