Have you guys heard of Eyeshot’s Hidenberg Complex of Infidels & Crusaders? I stumbled upon them years ago–like, 2001 or something–and then lost track of them, forgot they existed, and went on about my daily, humdrum, dull life, until a few moments ago, CRACKAPOW! I remembered the site and searched for it and there it was. As strange and erudite and bizarre and brilliant as it had been those many years ago.

I promptly began to read Zadie Smith’s essay/travelogue/send-up thing entitled ON THE ROAD: AMERICAN WRITERS AND THEIR HAIR and it was brilliant and funny and strange and erudite and bizarre. Go read it! No, seriously. Click on that link, and go read it. It’s great. I’m going to start working my way through Eyeshot’s archives, and soon, I hope, will be well on my way to being bizarre and erudite and brilliant and strange myself, too.