Excerpt from Chapter 7:

Citizens of the New Republic, thank you for gathering here today. Over the past month we have gained much, we have fought hard and won countless victories. Some are easy to point out: in the middle of the night, at what used to be our darkest hour, we once again have light; select supermarkets are now bursting with food, so that all may eat and none need starve; water once more flows through the ancient pipes of this city as it has done for a hundred years; medicine is available, the hospitals are once again operational, the streets are kept clear of filth, order is upheld and the wicked are punished.

The wicked, my friends, are punished. For every law abiding citizen there is an anarchist. For every man who erects an altar to civilization there is another who wishes to tear it down. All that we have done, all that we have accomplished, all that we are today is due to cooperation, unity and solidarity. Nothing, I repeat nothing, would have taken place without that, without that single guiding vision, without that willingness to sacrifice the small in order to gain the great.

Unfortunately, there are those amongst us, even those we once trusted and called friend, brother, sister, citizen—there are those who place their ego over the greater good. There are those who are willing to tear down what we have built, who are willing to return to that state of savagery from which we have but with great effort arisen, if only to placate their furious sense of importance. There are those, my fellow citizens, who would rather cast each and every one of you back into darkness, take the food from the hungry mouths of your children, deprive you of order and safety, who would condemn you to a life of barbarity, solely because they refuse to put the importance of the many before that of the few.
Now, let us be clear. They are not simply threatening our source of electricity, our constant food, our sanity and sanitary conditions. While those would be sufficient reasons to condemn them, they are doing much more! They are holding their knives, serrated and gleaming, at the very throats of our sense of self, they are threatening to undo that which makes us civilized, that which makes us who we are, citizens of an enlightened society. Do you not sense it, brothers and sisters, the new feeling of peace and joy that fills the very air? Do you not see how, once again, when given purpose, direction, when told that all is well and all will continue to be well, how we have regained our pride, our civilization? We walk straighter, we look each other in the eye with confidence and pride, we walk as men and women, not scurrying like beasts. These selfish monsters would tear apart the New Republic, would consign us to a broken world once more, would do so regardless of the consequences, and this, my friends, I simply cannot, will not, allow.
That is why I have gathered you all here today. You are here to witness the birth of the true New Republic, for we are about to break free from the chrysalis of the past and emerge, resplendent, into the freedom of the future. The party of the Left, of which I am a humble member, has taken fierce and assertive action, and arrested the party of the Right just as they were about to quit the city council and cast all into chaos. Last night, as passions ran high and vitriol was unchecked, the party of the Right revealed its true priorities, and declared that they would march, all of them, to form a separate government, to divide the city, to split the land and ruin all.
They have been taken, they have been judged, and today, now, you will witness their sentencing. For threatening to imperil the very fabric of our society, for being willing to foment dissidence, chaos and anarchy, for attacking the very heart of the New Republic itself, and in so doing attempt to bury a dagger in each of your own hearts, there can be only one verdict: death.