Excerpt from Chapter 9 of ONE BY ONE:

They sat still and watched the world outside the window. Watched as the breeze gently stirred the tree tops, watched as clouds endlessly changed, slowly spinning themselves into new shapes or into oblivion. Listened to the bird calls, eyes tracking the occasional form that swooped across their line of sight. There was no sound from the city, no sirens, no cries, no car horns or songs from a distant radio, no laughter from the neighbors or sound of feet treading on the ceiling above, no banging of doors or acceleration of motors. The great city lay still, and they sat there thinking of the libraries, the great stadium, the clothing stores, the dark shopping centers, the police stations and empty jails, the desolate churches and pet stores, the abandoned factories and warehouses, the empty ships floating on the river and the empty cars lining the streets in their hundreds of thousands. They thought of the food spoiling and the encroachment of insects, the weaving of webs and the growth of weeds, the breaking of pipes and accumulation of dust. Everywhere about them the residences and halls and offices of mankind lay still, silent, their functions sustained by the thoughts of the young couple for only as long as they were there to ascribe them, for after Peter and Sophia vanished they would be nothing at all, devoid of all meaning to the animals and birds that were destined to inherit the earth.