Usually I get home around 4.30, hang about sullenly fighting off sleep, and then have tea and maybe a slice of DdLC and wake up. A reading of books then ensues, or a watching of movies, a grading of papers or other such activity then ensues, until 10pm rolls around and I wind me down to sleep.

Today. Egregious misuse of sleeping! Got home late due to an after school teacher conference, and lay down to read. That was around 5.30pm. And I just woke up now, with the last snatches of my dream fleeing my mind*. It’s 9.50pm. What on earth am I going to do now? Eat dinner and then go
back to sleep? Argh! My sleep management skills are the pits.

*I had three members of the US Supreme Court in my class, and politely asked them to recount one of the momentous decisions they had been forced to adjucate to my class. They began to hem and haw and speak in broken phrases, forcing me to prompt them and egg them along. Conclusion upon awakening? I’ve already been teaching 8th graders for too long.