These past few days I’ve awoken at 6 A.M. to slouch fitfully over to my desk and edit THRONE. There’s something about the silence, the stillness, the soft quality of the shadows that layer over everything, how the fronds of the palm tree outside my window slowly grow more distinct with each passing minute that makes it a wonderful time to work. I fix myself a huge mug of tea, squint at the screen, and start untangling bad prose, culling excessive metaphors and descriptions, sweeping away unnecessary scenes and clarifying emotions and motivations.

It’s a great start to the morning. I think I’m going to keep at it. Unfortunately I tend to crash around ten, falling back in bed with research material which then fails to keep me awake. Surprising, that.

Still, for those first two hours or so, right up until the sun’s risen at just before eight, I feel like I’m operating on the knife edge of the possible. Works for me.