Cast down by my friend Will, that is, as he challenges me, defies me to do all my long languishing edits on my Fae novel this weekend. One apocalyptic run through the entirety of the book, slashing and burning like a Russian army retreating before the enemy, intent on once again defeating their foes through the aid of Scorched Earth policy and General Winter.

My metaphor may have got away from me there.

Which bodes ill for my editing this weekend.

However, I shall persevere, and fear that my only downfall may prove to be my over-vaulting ambition, in that I am lief to write in more than I cut out. However, a beginning must be made, so that an end may be reached, and after all, it is truly quite simple. As the King said:

Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end: then stop.”