You know how there’s cute creepy and then there’s actual creepy? Like unnerving, that’s not right kind of creepy? Well our pumpkin has made that transition. Grace and I had a ball carving it up a week ago, slicing and dicing until it looked like a genial Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas. We set him out on the stoop, set a fat old candle in him and left him burning bright. Awesome cute creepy.

Well last night the sprinklers were left on, and Jack got soaked. For hours on end. And when I went out to run an errand today I saw something strange going on. Darkness was boiling out of his eyes. Bending low, I saw that a dark mold like congealed smoke has covered his innards, thick and plush and velveteen. Filling all of the upper left interior quadrant of its head (you can’t see the extent of its growth in the photo). It’s growing around his ocular cavities now, filling his eyes and making him look debauched, otherworldly, evil.

Creepy as all get out.

I backed away slowly. Thought about taking a flame thrower (OK, our handheld bbq lighter flame stick thing) to the whole mess, but decided, you know what? Grace and I are out of town this weekend. We’ll leave it alone, and let the darkness consume itself.

Going to lock the doors tonight though. Don’t trust that thing.