People, my mind has been a whirring, churning, clunking and clacking mess of ideas, research, excitement and doubt these past few days. While I may have been silent here on my blog, my ‘Thoughts’ file has been exploding with ideas, questions, suppositions and world building. I’ve got that white hot fever that has always meant one thing and one thing only: it’s time to start creating again.

This time is going to be wholly unlike any other writing project I’ve ever essayed before. Where I usually hate outlines, finding them stifling and limiting, this time round I’m going to outline everything first. Where I usually focus on only a handful of characters, this time I’m going to have a cast of dozens. Where I usually write furiously, spewing out thousands upon thousands of words a day as soon as I get started, this time I am going to proceed cautiously, step by step, shuffling like a man in a dark room.

Why? Because I’m going to write a series. Thirteen episodes, each about… 30,000 words? I’m not sure how long they’ll come out to yet, but they’re going to be tightly written, tightly interwoven, continuous and intense. I’m going to try world building on a grand scale, pushing fantasy as far as I ever have before. I’m going to try complex plotting, where outlining all the episodes first will allow me to play with foreshadowing, the introduction of themes, the use of symbols, all that fancy stuff.

And what’s the subject matter? What’s it all about? I’m not going to go into much detail just yet. Suffice to say that I’m blending the Victorian Age in all its glory and horror with traditional fantasy, and then attempting to imbue the tale with the verisimilitude and pacing of The Wire. The horrors of the Belgian Congo, the aristocratic madness of 10th century Japan, and Lovecraft’s The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath are all influences.

Where will this go? How will it turn out? I’ve got high hopes, and I’ll keep you guys updated as I go!