Woke up this morning at 9 a.m., and that was my first indication that something was off. No alarm clock, see. Then I tried to swallow, and failed. Damned trick throat. Have spent the day in my bedroom, alternately finishing Season 3 of The Wire, or reading my latest batch of books. An eclectic assortment; I wonder what a police profiler might make of my reading list. 

It includes: Castle of Days (a collection of short stories, letters, essays and conversations bythe inestimable Gene Wolfe), Police Administration: Structures, Processes and Behavior (a criminology text book), City of Illusions (an early 70’s novel by the equally inestimable Ursula K. LeGuin), The Sopranos and Philosophy (philosophers analyze the show and expound on nihilism, Machiavelli, sympathy for the devil and other such themes as exemplified by Tony Soprano and his crew), and Organized Crime (another criminology textbook).
Okay, not to hard to pattern together. SF with criminal/law enforcement research. Anybody care to guess in which direction my next book might run?