Just published the third entry to Blood From the Mountain, and things are going MUCH better. I clocked in some 4,000 words today, in addition to the 1,300 I wrote in my revision (apologies, kai). And I am well into the middle of chapter 2, and things are kicking butt, with little assistants taking names. 

Man. Ok. So. Had to learn how to cauterize a wound. Had to decide what color frozen dragon flesh would be. Had to figure out a plausible way for Tharok to extricate himself from certain death, and you know what? I had a blast doing this.
If nobody likes Blood from the Mountain? If it gets written off as juvenile fare, if people laugh and fail to read past the first paragraph? I won’t care. I am going to have the best damn time letting Tharok burn his world down, and after One by One, I think a little childish glee is most definitely in order.