Just finished tonight’s installment of Blood from the Mountain, and Tharok’s lot has gotten worse. He’s escaped certain death only to find a fate worse than death, and now I’m going to have to pause and create some back story which will prove crucial in how he effects his next escape.

At the moment it’s like writing those old Batman episodes where each day the show ends with Batman trapped inside a vat of acid underground with his arms tied and no feasible way to escape. What will Batman do??? Usually it turned out that Robin would just find him, and the whole crowd would go Boo, but with BftM I’m trying to be a little more ingenious.

Don’t worry. The whole novel won’t follow this format. Just until Tharok gets his feet under him. He’s going to take a few lumps until then, however. Or more than lumps, actually. Thus far he’s already had his left arm rendered useless, a huge stab wound in his side, frostbite, and now he’s hanging upside down from a tree branch with the worst hangover this side of the Five Peaks.

Dude’s got it rough.