I casually logged into my Google Analytics page and then boggled. What on earth? This site enjoys a liesurely 30 hits or so a day, composed no doubt mostly of friends or acquaintances whom have strayed too close to my event horizon. But whacka-pow, all of a sudden, nearly 200 hits? How bizarre! How curious. How… promising? Unlikely. I’m sure this groundswell will subside, but still, I snooped around, curious as to the source of this traffic, and found that I had been linked to by Rydra Wong in her omnibus collection of Race Fail ’09 links. From hence, a hundred new visitors!

So, hello.

I find it fascinating to see the blogosphere at work, cross linking, cross pollinating, directing traffic and raising the number of hits as a result of conversations had in other blog threads and due to the occasional blog post that resonates. Rydra Wong’s all inclusiveness means that my post had to do very little to resonate, but still! Ah, fleeting moments of glory and fame.