Something crazy’s going on. This blog, known amongst the literati as ‘TransientHim’, has suddenly registered a surge of traffic of biblical proportions! Well, maybe Lego sized proportions, but still! I usually average about 26 hits/day (no, I don’t obsess, that’s just a rough guess, I promise), but these past few days, for no discernible reason, I’ve doubled and then tripled my hits. Today I’m clocking in at about 90, and the night ain’t over yet. Will I crack the fabled hundred mark, and join such blogging luminaries as Andrew Sullivan and Neil Gaiman amongst the blogging elite? Perhaps! Or not! Either way, it’s great to have all these new people drop by, so, well–hello! Welcome! Stick around! Or not!

I’m sure tomorrow this groundswell will reduce itself back to my average 26 hits/diem, but until then, I shall bask in this new found electronic popularity.