I’ve been writing and blogging for awhile now, and somehow, for some reason I can’t quite remember, I’ve been going at it alone. Which means I’ve been happy to write down my thoughts and chronicle my journey as a self-published author for my friends to read, but failed to reach out to the community of fellow book readers, bloggers, and writers alike.

Well, by accident I stumbled across this post at Parajunkee.com and realized that it’s actually quite easy to say hello to all these people. You just have to wander over to their blog and connect, or join a small venture like the one Parajunkee is hosting.

So hello to everybody who has come to take a peek at Transient Me. My name’s Phil Tucker, I’m a self-pubbed author, and I’m just now starting to reach out to people such as yourself. Please feel free to say ‘hello’ and tell me a little bit about yourself, just as I plan to do with your blogs in turn!

Let’s see if this doesn’t mark a more social phase in my reading and writing career.

Now, for the question:

Q: What is your favorite required summer reading (in school)? 

To be honest, I hated being told what to read. I was always reading something from my dad’s collection at home, but Jane Eyre? Where the Red Fern Grows? To Kill a Mockingbird? I somehow never got round to reading them. Instead I was all about fantasy and SF even back then. Of the books I did read, however, I think the one that made the greatest impact was Lord of the Flies. Just brutal, intense, and thought provoking in a manner that’s stuck with me even after all these years.