Via N.K. Jemisin I stumbled across Zuda Comics’ Bayou, which I then devoured in one fell swoop. It’s an ongoing project that’s 184 pages in by now, and tells the tale of a little black girl’s search for a missing white girl in 1930’s Mississippi in order to exonerate her father. Which is a little like saying the Lord of the Rings is about one small dude’s attempts to get rid of a ring. Bayou is so much more; it’s the Adventures of Alice in Wonderland set during the era of Jim Crow, it’s rich with Southern culture and legends, its heart breaking and brave and beautiful and bold. It’s hard to read, too, in all the right ways, and yet so eminently readable that you’ll be finished with it before you realize, only to sit back in frustration as you realize that you now have to wait for the next installment. So head on over already, and take a look. The Bayou’s awaiting.