I went for a run this evening, left around 8.30, got back past 10pm. Ended up going some 8 miles, stretching it out through the darkness that shadows the long road that follows Key Biscayne’s spine towards the village at the far point. Ran over two bridges, past scores of folk fishing off the edges, past couples sitting in the darkness beneath the palm trees on the beach, cop cars shepherding traffic to the Sony Ericsson tennis tournament.

By the time I got back my right achilles tendon felt knotted and inflamed, my left hamstring like a tightly drawn, white hot wire. Not good! But I’ve never run 8 miles before, and I decided that I would do so tonight.

I got home, iced my ankles for some ten minutes, and then my friends arrived to pick me up. So I jumped in their car, and we drove off to South Beach to party. Danced till 3am. Just got home. Legs are stiff, ruinous. Tomorrow there’s going to be hell to pay. But man was it fun.

And here’s a video of a man swimming with a lioness in South Africa. The guy is out of his gourd.