Today has been tumultuous, events in flux as the tides of luck ebb and flow. One moment I’m flying high, the next I’m brought crashing to ground, jaw skidding across the blacktop as I come to a stop, turning and looking up, one hand shielding my eyes as I gaze at the heights from which I have fallen.

First off: great news! I’m flying out this Thursday to California, where I shall meet up with two of my best friends to leap Batman style into a car and drive across the desert, laughing and whooping as we tear across California, Arizona and Utah in search of atmospheric locations for my second novel.

That’s right people: this is a freakin’ research trip I’m crossing the continent for. I’m going to take a notepad, a #2 pencil, my Kindle, and a whole galaxy of uppers, downers, screamers and laughers. Maybe a quart of rum? Definitely my Hunter S. Thompson tinted shades and green plastic visor. Watch out folks, I think we might be hitting a gun range in Las Vegas.

Then bang! Paul Guyet Jr. shoots some new chapters of The Grind Show audio book into my Dropbox, daring me, imploring me, demanding that I pay tribute to his brilliance and silken, honeyed tongue. Well, you listen up Mr. Guyet: this is me paying homage! You hear this? This is it, baby, accolades galore in a public forum, consider your vastness saluted!

Just as I’m riding high my car gets towed. Right out from under my nose, on the street where I live. I ask you people, the humanity! I speed dialed my buddy who’s a lawyer, who immediately recommended that I first do a hit from my emergency stash of adrenochrome and then put on a pair of shades. That done, I began a three hour battle with the management of the condo building, the cops, these sketchy looking tow truckers, and it almost ended up in a gun fight in the back of their towing lot, everybody running around with finger guns and going ‘Pow pow pow!’, but nobody seemed inclined to join in. I shelled out $65 and wrote a letter to my Congress Man. Or woman. I hope they don’t mind the indeterminate nature of my salutation.

THEN, as if the day couldn’t get any more hectic, I come home to find out that my new speakers have arrived. I plug them in, find When The Levee Breaks by Led Zepplin and boom, full volume, max bass, and I’m sitting here grinning like an idiot as my brain flatlines, my heart flattens, my bones vibrate and my landlord calls from West Palm to ask me to lower the volume.

Which I have since done, but man, quality music from quality speakers at a solid volume = on the up and up once more.

And oh – my editor, Amy, has agreed to cast her gaze over another manuscript of mine so that I may eventually publish it too. Anybody here read my Dark Fae novel? What was once a working title might very well now serve as the actual title. I mean, ‘Dark Fae’. Says it all! …Though I have just discovered that another novel was released in May called ‘The Dark Fae’. Freakin’ rip off. So back to the drawing board.

…Chasm of Dreams?
Or… The Flutter of Dark Wings? No, that’s awful.
Or… Music from the Abyss? A Thousand Ages In Your Sight? Nights of Strong Wine, Music From Your Thorns…

The Shadow of Your Throne? Hey, I really like that. Actually works with the content of the novel. Thanks, Psalm of David!

And oh oh oh – want to see the mock up of my new cover? Here it is:

What do you guys think? It’s a first stab at it, and if I go with it I’ll build it from scratch again but with attention to detail/lighting/etc.