Hello, I’ve been absorbed in all sorts of things of late, and have forgotten to post here with my charming regularity. Some of the things I have been thinking of recently are the great race debate currently embroiling the SF/F community, the tyranny of iTunes as mandated by my use of an iPod and illustrated by its inability to play FLAC files, Marisa Miller, finally reading A Wrinkle in Time, about how the Norse gods show a charming habit of acting like child despots, whether it’s a good idea to drink a mug of coffee at 1am on a Friday night, Gonzales‘ album ‘Solo Piano’, and the derth of chocolate at my disposal.

So. I’ll expand on some of those in future posts, maybe. But for now, back to cogitating, drinking orange tea, listening to Gonzales, and writing MMC. Chapter 12, here I come.