Here’s a quick write-up about one of adventures here in the UK. More to come tomorrow!

We drove to the town of Tenby on the southern coast of Wales, where we espied an island just in reach at the edge of the beach due to the low tide. It was a great mass of rough rock rising up like a mesa in Monument Valley, with a ruined castle on the far, ocean side, and a massive cave tunneling through its center. You can spot it a few moments into this video:

We decided to explore the cave, and discovered as we went through its cathedral fastness that it opened up to the ocean on the other side where waves crashed and boomed. From there, I found a path that would could climb up the cliff face to the beginnings of a ruined set of stairs carved into the rock. From there, we followed them up to an incredible steep meadow of lush grass, and then to the very top, where we surveyed the beach far below and Tenby across from us.

The castle was in reach! We raced across the causeway, and came to the castle itself. It was grim and dour and all boarded up and locked. Grace contemplated crossing the rotten bridge to the great front doors, but I prevented her from trying–it looked far too dangerous. It was growing dark, dusk was upon us, so we decided to follow the official path down to the beach, only to discover that it was gated and locked in the middle of a bridge that we would have to cross to reach the way down.

Turns out we were off limits, trespassing on private property. No wonder people on the beach below had been pointing at us.

I realized then that the tide was coming in, and that we still had to make our way down the cliff face in the gloom. So down we went. Now understand: the tide on the Welsh coast can rise about 30 feet in about an hour. We had to rush, because the cave/tunnel would soon be flooded and we would be trapped for the night.

Down we went, the waves surging up and crashing on the rocks about our feet, and we managed to scrabble out just in time, with my getting my shoes soaked as a wave flooded in over them. Out onto the beach, just in time, to turn and gaze back at the island as it became shrouded in mist and the waters closed in around its base.

Shivering and exhilarated, we retreated back to Tenby to find a great pub and eat some Fisherman’s Pie and drink a Guinness. What a great time!