The Human Revolt has been funded, exceeding my hopes and expectations with a stunning total of $3,349. Some of the donors I’ve known since I was born, others I’ve never met, but to one and all – thank you.
I’ve been writing Book 3 since early September. My goal was to have it finished by the end of October, and I was shooting for a total word count of about 80,000. However, 5 days ago I hit the 80k mark, and realized that the end was not yet in sight.
Nor did I achieve it when I hit 90k, or passed 100k this morning. I felt like a man in the desert, stumbling after a mirage, believing each sand dune to be the last. After hammering out 7,000 words this morning I fell back and rubbed my head, dazed and delirious. The end was still–at the very minimum–another 15,000 words away.
So I had a chat with a friend. He wryly pointed out that JK Rowling had split her last book in two. I laughed him off, and then paused. Frowned. Sat forward and scrolled through the book.
He was right. Eureka! Cue the euphoria and dizzying sense of relief. I had been struggling to cram two novels into one. I could end Book 3 at a particularly powerful point at the 75k line, and then expand and finish the rest of the narrative in Book 4.

Ladies and gentlemen, The Human Revolt is going to be a tetralogy, not a trilogy.
So thank you. This has been a surreal, harrowing, and exhilarating adventure. It just goes to show that when you follow your dreams, opportunities appear that you could never have imagined.