I’ve always heard it bemoaned that writing is a solitary pursuit. That one must sit alone at one’s computer and spend untold hours hammering out a novel, taking weeks or months or even years to craft an object of perfection.

Well, it’s not been like that for me. True, when I’m writing I’m by myself, but for better or worse I find that my characters keep me company (not quite voices in my head, but close…). Few people complain about watching a great film by themselves, so absorbed do they become in the plot and characters, and I’m lucky enough to sufficiently love what I write that the same is true for me.

However, it goes beyond that. I’m incredibly lucky to be surrounded by all kinds of talented and resourceful friends that have made being a writer a far from lonely job.Whether it’s my wonderful, supportive and loving girlfriend Grace that accompanies me throughout the writing process, or my key first readers who are willing to take a bedraggled first draft and give it a look such as Dan, Jess, Paul, Kaitlyn or Will, I’ve had company that has made the act of writing damn near convivial.

But recently the cast of supportive types has grown, flourished, boomed into all kinds of directions. Paul has been of invaluable help with The Grind Show, reading it twice now, and promising to read it again when he records the audio book, giving me tons of excellent thematic feedback and helping me elevate the novel to the next level. His girlfriend Chris, a talented artist of so many skills its impossible to pigeon hole her has been helping me work on story boards for the book trailer, which the inestimable and ridiculously accomplished Ray will then film in the near future.

Beyond that, my friend Amy has agreed to go over the manuscript with a red pen, which she quickly set aside for a machete which she wields with surgical skill, and I can’t say enough about the quiet, solid and unwavering support that my friend Will has given me throughout, the kind of bedrock encouragement that helps me keep going when things are looking grim.

Writing may be a solitary endeavor, but I’m lucky enough to be blessed with a whole cohort, a cadre, a camarilla of amazing, talented, energetic and incredibly generous people whom have helped me not only improve the quality of my writing, but make the process incredibly fun and uplifting.

So to all you beautiful people out there, thanks more than I can say.

What about you guys? Whom has been instrumental in keeping your going in your solitary pursuits?