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“Five stars. The first of what, hopefully, will become a must read saga. The world created by Phil Tucker appears both similar and very, very different from our own. From the very start you are thrown into the heart of an epic battle. In the traditions of Tolkien and Martin you are led through the story through the viewpoint of various protagonists. Humans, Orcs, Dragons and Demons all populate the beautifully described landscapes. An epic read, can’t wait for the next book.”
A.E., Amazon Author
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A rare moment of charity, swiftly regretted, sees Asho raised from slavery to become the brutal Lord Kyferin’s personal squire. Yet despite punishing abuse Asho refuses to surrender his dream of knighthood, so that when heretics invade the empire wielding forbidden magic he rides into battle at his lord’s side – and is the only survivor of the ensuing massacre.

Lady Kyferin barely has time to savor her independence before her family is cruelly betrayed. Banished to a demon-haunted ruin infamous for claiming the lives of all who dare sleep in its shattered halls, she must rely on her wits and a handful of stalwart knights if she is to have any hope of surviving.

But her enemies are as implacable as they are cruel and will not stop until the Kyferins are utterly destroyed. To defend everything he holds dear Asho will need to forge within his scarred soul the courage and nobility to stand against insurmountable odds – and in so doing become his lady’s truest knight.

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